Terms and conditions

Please read the rules of ordering, delivery, returns and personal data processing

The Seller undertakes

  • Deliver the goods ordered and paid for by the Buyer using the shipping service of the Buyer’s choice, to the address specified by the Buyer, or to the post office of the Buyer’s choice, or to make goods ready for collection no later than within 1 (one) working day.

The Buyer undertakes:

  • Provide full and correct contact details for the delivery of the ordered goods and accept the delivery or collect it from the post office of Buyer’s choice within the time limit set by the chosen delivery provider, upon receiving notification from the parcel service;
  • Failure to collect the parcel from the post office on time, failure to collect the parcel from the courier, or providing incorrect contact details, which makes the delivery of the goods impossible or difficult, shall be liable to pay the costs incurred by the Seller for the return of the goods and/or redelivery of the goods.

Delivery terms:

  • Goods will be dispatched to the Buyer no later than 1 (one) working day after receiving the cleared payment;
  • The Goods ordered for collection at the Seller’s office will be prepared for pick-up in no later than 1 (one) working day after receiving the cleared payment. The Goods will be handed over to the Buyer at a mutually convenient pick-up time agreed with the Seller in advance by e-mail or phone call;
  • Made-to-order products, when such information is provided in the product description, are produced and dispatched within 3-4 weeks.

Periodic (subscription) orders:

  • Periodic (subscription) orders for goods, the content of which is identical to the first order placed by the Buyer, shall be repeated at the frequency chosen by the Buyer and shall be submitted to the Buyer for payment via the email address provided;
  • The Buyerhas the right to cancel the subscription any timeby logging into his/her account on the Website or by submitting a request to the Seller by email or phone call;
  • If the Buyer fails to pay for a periodic (subscription) order for 2 (two) weeks, subscription will terminate with no subsequencies whatsoever. No new recurring orders shall be formed and sent to the Buyer.

Returning of goods:

  • Any defects in the goods sold shall be rectified, defective goods shall be replaced and returned in accordance with the Retail Trade Rules approved by Government of the Republic of Lithuania in its Order No.697 of 11 June 2001 “Retail Trade Rules”.
  • The Buyer, a natural person, has the right to withdraw from the Sale and Purchase Agreement within 14 (fourteen) days without stating a reason, with the exception of the exceptions provided for in Article 6.228(10)(2) of the Civil Code. The Buyer can only withdraw from the Sale and Purchase Agreement if the goods have not been used, have not been damaged, have not lost their merchantable appearance (labels are intact, protective films have not been torn off, etc. (this does not apply to the return of low-quality goods) and if the appearance of the goods or of the packaging has been altered in a way that is only necessary to enable you to inspect the received goods. The Buyer must use his rights responsibly and return the product in its original packaging in good working order, with all parts of the product intact. In the event of withdrawal, the Buyer shall be liable for any diminution in the value of the goods resulting from actions not necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and performance of the goods.
  • The contract withdrawal period expires 14 (fourteen) days after the conclusion of the Purchase-Sale Agreement – from the day the Buyer or a person specified by the Buyer, excluding the carrier, receives the ordered goods. The goods must be returned to the Seller no later than within 14 (fourteen) days after the notice of contract cancellation has been submitted to the Seller. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to ensure that the goods are properly packed for return shipment. The Buyer bears direct costs of returning the goods.
  • Payment for returned goods, excluding the amount paid by the Buyer for delivery and return, will be refunded within 7 (seven) days of receipt of the returned goods. The Payment will be refunded to the Buyer by bank transfer, regardless of the Buyer’s chosen method of payment for the Goods.

Data management:

  • The buyer’s data is processed by MB Filterplace.
  • By placing an order, the Buyer agrees that his/her personal data may be shared with UAB “Montonio finance”, UAB “Omniva LT”, UAB “DPD Lietuva”, Packeta Poland Sp. z o.o. in order to ensure the delivery of the ordered goods or the payment for them.

Seller’s company details:

MB „Filterplace”
Registration ID: 305389754
VAT code: LT100015623416
Adress: Žemaičių g. 31, 44175 Kaunas
Acc: LT787300010161090820 – AB Swedbank
Acc: LT503500010006938513 – Paysera
Phone Nr.: +370 698 00666
E-mail: info@filterplace.eu

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